Now you can get a professional finish when you grind, sand, shape, polish, sharpen or refinish

Optional Accessories

Sharpening Jig

Mitre Table

Tilt Stand and Tool Rest


FAST Roughing or FINE Finishing

The Multitool is an Australian designed accessory for the Bench Grinder. The technology replaces the grinding wheel and converts a traditional grinder into a sophisticated work station. The Multitool fits easily to all popular brands of grinders with screw on wheel guards.

  • EFFICIENCY - Superior performance and a user friendly belt change of under 5 seconds
  • VERSATILITY- Grinding, Sanding or polishing in 4 positions on rubber contact wheel, platen, disc or free strapping. The Unit can also be swivelled vertically or any position in between.
  • ACCURATE TRACKING-The running position of the belt is simple to adjust and it stays there, allowing for finishing into sharp corners
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION- Robust, maintenance free with sealed ball bearings, hardened and ground essential components, zinc plating
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY- Against faulty materials and workmanship, even when used commercially.

Introduction to the Multitool

Allan Cunynghame from PA Products and Steve Hengeveld demonstrate the Multitool